About us

The Law Office Oliveira Lima, Hungria, Dall’Acqua & Furrier Advogados was established in 1961, when Areobaldo Espínola de Oliveira Lima Filho created the office for the pioneering purpose of meeting demands of companies and financial institutions in the Criminal area.  Oliveira Lima was a signatory of the “Cartas aos Brasileiros” [“Letter to Brazilians”], a brave manifest against the military dictatorship, revealing his combatant spirit not only in the legal area but also in the constitution of a Democratic State Governed by the Rule of Law for Brazil.

In the 1990’s, the office started to count on the work force of José Luis Oliveira Lima and along the years it grew with the addition of new partners. Such joint effort of competent professional consolidated a team committed to legal practices guided by ethics, agility and efficiency.